This is where it all begins!

As a newly expecting Mum, meet your personal Maternal Strides Midwife comfortably at home. This will be an opportunity to ask as many questions as you need as well as talk about your concerns. She will then work with you in creating a pregnancy, labour, birth and post-birth plan. She will also guide you through your pregnancy and beyond. This maternal specialist will also help you start your very own personal journal.

Following your initial consultation, you will meet all key team members, like our Midwife, by appointment only. Our Founder will be present for this first time, as the Midwife briefs you on all the “need-to-know” elements about your journey, to include tested research, recommendations, referrals, introductions, links, libraries, advice and access to many more resources.


Our Maternity Assist is about allowing Maggie our Founder into your space – whether that is in your home, office or private room of a hotel – to glean more in-depth knowledge about you; offering guidance on how you can make informed life-choices and decisions. Maggie will work with you to determine your needs and priorities, while you discover the best services, programmes, products and events that fit your unique lifestyle, family and business. The tone can be set for your maternity and paternity adventure – regardless of your preferred location in the world.

First tier:

Expecting clients in the UK or nearby requiring specialist maternity treatment, will be treated to unforgettable concierge services from arrival to departure. By permitting our Founder to handle all of your travel arrangements on your behalf here in London from start to finish, you eliminate so much stress. Following your initial consultation (made by appointment only), you will complete our questionnaire. Now all you need to do is purchase your ticket and be sure you have the appropriate entry visa into the UK.

Second tier:

By special arrangement Maggie will come to YOU: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Middle-East, Africa or wherever you find yourself across the globe. Our Founder is committed to helping you craft quintessential maternity, savoir-vivre master-plans, with sensitivity to your culture and traditions as practiced in your country, alongside the very best of experts.

If you are ready, let’s cut a dash and get you started by completing our questionnaire

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