“Hold your head up high and believe in you” – Maggie Swaniker

At Maternal Strides, we appreciate the beauty and intricacies of womanhood and manhood. Yet, we acknowledge the very real health challenges so many face. Reproductive and gynaecological health-related issues tend to have lasting effects. For us, providing the very best experts who will pass on their expertise to support, counsel and assist our clients is important. We recognise that you are entrusting your reproductive well-being to our care, with the view to better manage and plan your family.

Founder Maggie Swaniker, has adopted a myriad of channels to encourage your self-discovery and expression with confidence, without having to compromise on your values.


Maggie believes in the power of your voice, the singularity of your thought, and the collective actions of a network of like-minded people to heal -to overcome pain, confusion and the complexities of reproductive health that may arise.

Our knowledgeable Founder spares no effort in creating safe and cosy zones where you can share freely with her highly trained mentors and counsellors. It is paramount that you feel at ease to discuss your health and, to have any other meaningful discussion to alleviate your anxieties.

You will have a plethora of options to allow you as much engagement as you may desire through our online platform, live events, podcasts and face-to-face interactions. Our goal is for you to re-discover the individual you are – more alive, fulfilled and thriving than ever before!

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