Why Choose Us?

We understand discerning clients and, we value learning what makes them comfortable – we note what they want and what they don’t.” -Maggie Swaniker

A wealth of 20+ years of expertise – gained from working within top tier organisations in London, the vibrant, luxury lifestyle and health care sectors, together with our Founder’s experience as a full-time mother – illustrates how well-poised we are to support you.

Being committed and quickly getting to the heart of our clients’ needs without judgement is crucial for us. We celebrate all our clients and respect their right to privacy and their lifestyle choices, including their faiths, background or whomever they choose to love.

You can select from our list of solutions here or simply tell us what you want, and we will create an à la carte, personalised package just for you.

Since we understand the different needs of expecting individuals and couples in prepping for a new way of life with a baby, at Maternal Strides we facilitate this special time with empowerment, education and inspiration for you. We strive to fill in the gap in addressing questions often not often asked in the consulting rooms of GPs, midwives and obstetrician gynaecologists.

Our singular mission is dedicated to finding simple but elegant solutions to solve day-to-day, lifestyle challenges of social career women and men, who happen to be parents and business owners. We aim to alleviate their stress of juggling the very high demands of life and work while planning, expecting and raising children.

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