Established in January 2014, The Maggie Swaniker Foundation Ltd. was created to help global, voiceless victims get back on their feet.

Our worthy projects are designed to help and support young mothers who are victims of rape and, children and infants who face separation from their families due to dire circumstances and young ones who are affected by the atrocities of war. We guide them to re-discover and re-connect with their inner selves, to take back control of their bodies and, to renew their spirits.

We aim to lift their voices, through telling their untold, real-life stories – in the hopes of eliciting positive outcomes and inspiring others to do the same.

When you give generously to The Maggie Swaniker Foundation, together, we will be able to offer empowerment, education and, inspiration – via self-development and mental health awareness evaluation. Think of how you can impact so many young girls and boys from around the world to unlock and unleash trauma, to re-discover their innermost potential, and ultimately, to give back and become responsible leaders within their own communities.

Make a difference and help re-build a broken spirit!


For every T-shirt and labour (birthing) gown sold from our E-shop, we will donate 10% of the proceeds towards supporting such causes. You will also be invited to exclusive charity functions.

So, please join us in raising funds and making donations now. With your help, we’ll be able to offer these at risk young people:

  • Internet learning
  • Sporting programmes
  • Holiday boot-camps
  • Books and computer donations
  • Assistance with providing homes
  • Construction of community schools
  • The provision of nourishing food
  • The provision of basic health needs: clean water and medical supplies
  • The purchase of necessary personal care items like sanitary towels and maternity pads
  • The creation of and dissemination of maternity and baby care information leaflets and the provision of starter kits
  • The provision of other basic living needs such as sewing machines, beds, pillows and more.


Join Maggie in our efforts to reach 5,000 girls, boys and infants worldwide, who have been seriously affected by war, female genital mutilation, kidnapping and amputation. 

We want to hear from you and, urge you not to hesitate in offering feedback and suggestions.

Stay tuned to see how we’re progressing, with videos and photos of what we’re doing around the world. Together, we will change, enhance and impact lives!


Please contact our Foundation today

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