Maternal Strides’ Journey With You

My personal experience as a career woman and mother, led me to discover my love for truly wanting to support you busy Mums and Dads-to-be and to encourage you, to take full ownership of your lives. I want to help you make informed, life-choices, for a more holistic, well-balanced lifestyle.

Our journey together begins with a one-on-one session to really get you feeling empowered: to boost your confidence, to become more organized, to lessen your anxiety and to prepare you for the challenging and joyous mix of work, family and life…right at the start.

I will provide you with tips, practical resources and connections to a superior cadre of highly qualified professionals, who can make those key bits in your life easier.

Nothing prepares us enough for motherhood. That is precisely why this high quality and comprehensive suite of services is designed for you and with you.

Maternal Strides looks forward to enhancing your life!

ENGAGE with us in the comfort of your own space for your initial one-hour face-to-face consultation in London via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Why Choose Us

With skills and experience spanning over 20 years working for the finest organisations in London, to the health care sector, becoming a full-time mother then working in the vibrant luxury lifestyle sector, we take pride in helping, supporting and caring for others. We always try to quickly get to the heart of our client’s needs without having to be judgmental. We stay committed to your needs and are mindful at all times no matter your sexuality, background or religion.
What sets us apart from the competition is that you dictate your desires which we try our utmost to attend to within the comfort of your own space. Our dedicated concierge is always ready to offer a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold.

You have a choice to select from our list of solutions here or simply tell us what you want, and we create an a la carte personalised package just for you.

Although we do not promise you the moon and the stars, we understand the different needs of expecting individuals and couples in prepping for a new way of life with a baby. At Maternal Strides we facilitate your journey, boost your confidence, empower, educate and inspire you. We fill in the gap in addressing questions often not asked in the consulting rooms of GP’s, midwives and obstetrician gynaecologists’, due to short appointment time slots, and guide you to make best informed life-choices and decisions at every stage to live life well.

Not only this but, we love to capture the thoughts of our clients, their likes and dislikes, what makes them comfortable to enable us to craft beautiful, intelligent and efficacious services and events that bring out the very best of who they truly are enabling them embrace this delightful journey in the art of having a baby and beyond.

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