“Supporting busy mums, parents and organisations with solutions only imagined by visionaries juggling the high-demands of career and raising children”


Busy moms who are overwhelmed by the demands of corporate life and family.

First time expecting moms that need guidance on lifestyle activities like yoga, massages.

Pregnant moms who want to connect with their child and family.

Dads or soon to be fathers who want to be in their best self for the baby and partner(s).

Online creatives who are working from home whilst looking after the children.

Busy moms who just want some time off.

Who We Are

Maternal Strides is a boutique consulting agency, offering customised, bespoke maternity consultancy and concierge services, to busy working women and men. 

 Our personalised strategies for lifestyle management and reproductive health, combine made-to-measure maternity services – especially for women who find it challenging to balance career and family life. We aim to offer relief and assistance in preparing for this exciting life event ahead.

 We completely understand that pregnancy is very intimate. It should be the most precious time in a woman’s life. To ensure superlative quality and, because we know the sensitivity associated with this season in her life, we deliver privacy and confidentiality. Our appointment-based system ensures we can offer one-on-one premium care to our clients.

How we work

Through personalised consultation in the comfort and privacy of your own space, we familiarize ourselves, then find out how much you know about the journey ahead. You will receive all the tools empower and help you build the mental fortitude to plan and make the best of your free time as a mother, father or parents.

To us, client satisfaction comes first, and we use our couture services to demonstrate our commitment to providing value to you. We work with experts to ensure that you receive full service, whether it’s a second opinion, fitness advice, emotional support and social adjustments.

We can work together in coordinating a timeless experience!

Who wouldn’t want to have it all, great service, excellent guidance, support and care and above all, a holistic, healthy and well-balanced lifestyle for you and your wider family; and to add to the mix as a business owner a successful employee talent retainment programme for employees raising Children, employee engagement and productivity, for business growth and success that stand you apart from your competitors.

The Journey

It was my experience as a career woman and mother that led me to discover my love for truly wanting to support busy mums and dads-to-be to take full ownership of their lives, make informed life-choices in raising a happy family and still get to do the things they love the most.

On our journey together, I will guide you through a holistic process which begins with a one-on-one empowerment session to boost your confidence, lessen your anxiety and prepare you for the demands of work, family and life.

You will be provided with practical resources and connections to relevant experienced professionals who can help make your journey more exhilarating.

Nothing prepares us enough for the journey to motherhood, and my job is to introduce you to this new, classy and comprehensive service where you will become more organised, confident, and able- bodied from the very beginning.

ENGAGE with us in the comfort of your own space for your initial one-hour face-to-face consultation in London via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

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